Download program
Here you can download the  FTDX-5000 Menu and Memory Edit program and the program description document.  The program is in Zip format and should run on both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows.  It was tested only on the 64 bit version of Windows 10.  The program description document is in PDF format.  Please report any problems to: floydsense at yahoo dot com.

If you have problems with error messages when installing the program, they will be coming from your anti-virus or malware software.  Either disable them until the program is installed, or tell the security program to allow the installation.  Malwarebytes seems to be a particular problem and you can get around it by examining the error messages and adding the mentioned files/directories to the Malwarebytes "ALLOW" list.

NOTE: This program was written for and tested with the following firmware levels installed on the FTDX-5000:

Main firmware: 0131

EDSP/SUB: 5550/0510

OEL: 0110

Results with other firmware levels are unpredictable and unknown.
Download program operation document
The current version number of the program is:, published on 4/10/20

Most significant updates from the previous version: