The VFO is housed in a TenTec cabinet with a front panel measuring 4x6".  The depth is just 5 1/2".

The IQPRO board was split in two, with one board mounted above the chassis and one below.

Here you can see the modified LCD display showing both VFOs on the LCD at the same time.  In SPIT mode, the RX - TX tags indicates which VFO will be used for receive and transmit.  To the left of the VFO designator (A or B) is a right arrow that points to the active VFO.    If the PTT line were grounded at this point, the arrow to the left of the A would move down to the left of the B indicating that VFO is now controlling the frequency of the TR7.  When the VFO is not in split mode, the active VFO is identified with an R/T tag to the right of the frequency.  The blue background LCD was a surplus item found at one of the websites that sells such items and I have no part number for it.  The blue color closely matches the "dial blue" of the TR-7, but it doesn't show well here.  To the right of the knob, just below the LCD, is a small red LED which is illuminated when in split mode. 
When not in split mode, the R/T tag identifies the VFO being used for both receive and transmit. 
Floyd Sense - K8AC
Angier, North Carolina
November 18, 2012